Ultimate Tweaker 2.4.4

  • Only Tweaker updated to 2.3.0

Only Tweaker 2.3.0

  • Added tweak Disable page printing
  • Added tweak Redirect to site home page after login
  • Ultimate Member plugin capability fix

VC Tweaker 1.3.0

  • New plugin: Copy & Paste / Clipboard Plugin for Visual Composer

Copy & Paste / Clipboard Plugin for Visual Composer

  • Public release

Ultimate Tweaker 2.4.3

  • Only Tweaker updated to 2.2.2

Only Tweaker 2.2.2

  • Post Duplicator: same author on duplicating not current user
  • Tweak Automatically email contributor when their post is published: capability to set custom global email

VC Tweaker 1.2.0

  • New tweak: Show Description Icons
  • New tweak: Use Split Buttons for Drop-down lists(up to 4 options)
  • Fast Preview updated to 1.1.4
  • Undo & Redo updated to 1.0.1

Fast Preview for Visual Composer 1.1.4

  • Bug: Error in console in Editing Preview if it is collapsed

Undo & Redo for Visual Composer

  • Improved redo after reload

Ultimate Tweaker 2.4.2

  • Admin Menu Tweaker restored in menu

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